Margaret remembered the merch this time!!!

THERE’S a few last minute things to do before we pack the car…

Margaret’s asked me to print tickets for tonight’s show in Aberdeen…she likes to give folks a nice ticket when they arrive and keep numbered stubs to help our records.

While they’re printing, I take the online tickets off sale, print the ticket list, do some last0minute online promo for the show then pack some merch to drop off at the post office en route to Aberdeen.

It’s after midday by the time we hit the road, but there’s no huge hurry. We stop in Perth for some lunch, drop off some bags and stuff at the hotel in Aberdeen then load in at the Blue Lamp.

The set up and soundcheck all goes to plan and we have time to nip out and get some grub before doors open.

There’s a fair rush just after doors, a slight lull in folks turning up then just before I hit the stage the place fills up nicely. There’s some familiar faces int he crowd and I have a grand time, buoyed by the enthusiasm from the audience. The Fractal AX8 lives up to…and even exceeds our – expectations.

There’s lots of chat, beer and whisky after the show.We finally load out sometime after midnight and make our way back to the hotel…