Margaret’s vote of thanks

AFTER our ‘picnic’ breakfast in the hotel room we get packed up and check out just after 11am.

We stop in Dundee to pick up a few things then home to unload the gear at the studio and get some work done before getting ready for the community Burns’ supper in the local hall.

Our plan to get there a little early to set up some gear for my small part in proceedings falls a bit short, but I get things ready in a kind of a way.

We sit with some of our local pals…and there’s a good turnout. 

The programme’s packed with stuff and the haggis, neeps and tatties excellent. Some of the ‘turns’ are bit lengthy and I’m concerned that by the time I pay Parcel of Rogues and McPherson’s Lament I might have drunk just a little too much…it;s about 11.30pm when I take to the stage and manage to remember the words to everything. Phew!

Margaret does the vote of thanks and after we clear up a few of us hang out and enjoy a few drams. I think t;s after 2am when we’re dropped off home.

I unleash a couple of tunes on an unsuspecting audience