A BIT delicate this morning and it takes a while to get moving.

As usual a shower and a big breakfast – sausages, scrambled egg, haggis and mushrooms – helps. Then I put a wee gallery of iPhone photos from last night’s Burns’ supper up on the G63.scot website.

Still feeling a bit bunged up though…haven;t really thrown this cold but hopefully it’ll be gone in time for Thursday’s Edinburgh show, and Glasgow on Saturday.

I walk along to the hall in the sunshine to pick up the car and when I get back I unpack gear then start thinking about how to re-jig my pedalboard to replace the contents with the Fractal AX8 and a the Line 6 Relay G10 wireless.

Removing the existing pedals and power supply from the industrial-strength velcro is tougher than I expect and a end up having to use a bog, flat-head screwdriver to jemmy the stuff apart. I can just manage to jam the G10 receiver in at the back of the AX8 on the board and start exploring layout, wiring and power options. I find plenty of velcro ‘loops’ tape, but no ‘hooks’ side…so I get on Amazon and order some to arrive tomorrow (Monday).

I’m back in the house trying to come up with a self-conrained power solution when Betty drops in for a coffee and invites us along for dinner later. 

Meantime, I trawl the web to see if I can find a compact two-gang socket with a removable lead. There seems to be no such thing…so I guess i have no chance of fining one with just one 13amp socket and one USB outlet. I’ll pick up on it tomorrow.

We wander along to Betty and Joe’s and have a blether, dinner and discuss some upcoming local business…a nbice relaxing end to a busy weekend.