Doesn’t take long for the birds to appear when I refill the feeder…

WELL, the snow’s still there and it;s drifting quite badly…but it doesn’t look like there’s too much dumped overnight,

According to the radio, though, travel and roads are still dicey. Hope this is al sorted by tomorrow (Saturday)!

I get on with some work and Margaret clears some more snow – making the route form the house to the office more easily passable and, more importantly, negating the need for wellies and the constant on/off of the bluddy things.

Martyn and Louise bring the dog along and we go for a wee walk to the pier then back tot he house where Margaret has soup waiting for us. We chat a while then our pals head off and I get on with some more work.

Normally I’d be hitting social media to punt Saturday night’s show at the Hug & Pint, but there’s still slight uncertainly what the weather and roads might throw at us…and I’m kept busy fielding ‘is the gig still on’ queries. The answer, meantime anyway, is YES!

Fingers crossed.