AFTER the usual routine tasks I have my porridge then get out into the office.

I need to try and find a solution to the connections for my wireless system at the guitar end and wonder if adding an extra nut to the guitar input jack will give sufficient ‘ground’ to activate the transmitter’s ‘silent jack’.

There’s a load of online updating to be done and I get on with that while a fitter comes from the kitchen place checks things out and see what kind of cost may be involved in getting our kitchen sorted out. It badly needs done, but jeez – dunno if we can afford another bank loan.

He seems a pretty good guy tho’, so we’re crossing our fingers it’s all do-able.

With the re-scheduled Edinburgh show a week on Thursday (15 March) I write up an appropriate news release and fire it off to various press, radio, TV and online folks.

In the studio I do some work programming and tweaking the Fractal pedalboard then go out for a walk in the last of the daylight.