TODAY is accounts day!

I haven’t paid much attention to the receipts piling up, online payments and direct debits etc since mid-November and I don’t want to have to deal with it all at year end (5 April).

While most folks seem to wait ’til the last minute before doing their tax returns and stuff, I like to do mine as soon as possible so I’m prepared for any nasty surprises and can have my ducks in a line as they say.

I take a break for lunch then back at it. While my accounts and spreadsheets aren’t exactly a difficult task, it’s laborious, time-consuming and kinda boring when there are much more engaging tasks to be done. 

I stick with it, tho’ and get all the payments side of things done before I allow myself an hour in the studio tweaking and programming my guitar sounds in the Fractal AX8.

Back home I open a beer and roll out some dough for tonight’s pulled pork tacos. I’m getting the hang of making the tacos – rolling the right thickness and having the pan at just the right temperature are pretty crucial. I make some carrot fries in the air fryer which turn out pretty good too 🙂