OFF into Glasgow early…I have a meeting later this morning.

After dropping Margaret off I set up camp in McDonalds and spend a couple of hours drinking coffee and using the wifi.

There’s some things I need to set up for our local community trust…and I need to set up a gmail account in a last bid to stop my emails to gmail users constantly going into their spam. My last attempt to sort things by adding some code to the DNS records on my mail servers only seems to have partially solved the problem. Rather than sending form my own domains, the only thing I can think of is to set up a gmail account and use that when I want to contact a gmail user.

I have a useful and interesting meeting then hit Costco for some lunch, get some shopping then pick up Margaret.

We’re home by 4,30pm and I spend a couple of hours in the office dealing with some USA tour stuff, online orders and other stuff before making a green curry and flopping in front of the telly with a dram.