I HAVE some paperwork to do and a few unpaid invoices to chase first thing.

Main job today is putting together a newsletter for our local community trust, so I spend some time on that before taking a break and making some Vietnamese prawn springs for lunch. Time consuming but worth it.

Back in the office I get the first draft of the newsletter ready and am just about to print out a proof when I accidentally close down InDesign (the page layout software I use) and don;t save the file. Shit! I thought I was closing Photoshop. 

There’s no chance of recovering the work and I’d hoped Margaret could take the proof along to a meeting but she’s going in five minutes. I’ll be joining them in an hour, so I have a major panic  trying to rebuild the pages.

Somehow I get it done and after the meeting we enjoy some grub and a few glasses of red with Betty and Joe.