THERE’S a few tweaks to the community trust newsletter before I send the latest proof out for comment/approval.

The postie brings some nits for the guitar input jack which i hope might help solve the problem of the wireless system not connecting properly. I mess around and find that’s not making any difference. Back to the drawing board.

Examining things more closely, I see the transmitter is connecting and the problem lies with the internal wiring of my guitars piezo/humbucker pickup combination….the jack socket/wiring doesn’t like the stereo jack of the transmitter. The supplied right-anle adaptor fixes this problem.

However! Using the adaptor means the transmitter is swinging around in the guitar jack socket and it caught my leg and disconnected a few times during the last show. I decide to get hold of another couple of adaptors – one for each instrument – that can be attached to the guitar to stop it swinging by tap9ing it on at soundcheck. Margaret comes up with a neater, more flexible idea of using velcro.

With a solution in sight, I go back tot he house and put on  big pot of black bean soup…some for lunch, and some to go in the freezer for next week.

In the afternoon I forego a walk in the rain and spend some time in the studio before returing to the office and gettign a head start on some web design stuff I’m planning.

We have a quiet evening and relax a bit…off to Dundee tomorrow and a busy week next week.