WE’RE both surprisingly bright when we wake up at Jane and Angus’s.

A nice breakfast and, of course, a good few hours’ more blether over numerous coffees and we hit the road.

Before we leave Dundee we stop so I can take some photos for a potential web project. Might never se the light of day, but good to get some photos in the bag if it does. 

I’m just finishing when the camera throws up a card error. Jeez. Every display on the camera is screaming ‘card error’ at me. I eject the card, put in another and start all over again.

Next stop, Stirling for some shopping  then we drop by to see Catriona for a coffee. Just a couple of months to go before her baby’s due!

We’re home soon after 6pm and I pull the photos off the camera into the laptop and back them up then it’s time to make for Gartmore to Duncan and Irene’s for dinner.