I TEXT our electrician pal to let him know I have he ‘components’ we need to build the power supply for my guitar effects case then get on with some work.

Next job it to update some reports from a recent PRS for Music Members’ Fund (PRSMF) visit. There’s a bit of incompatibility between my MacBook/software and those at PRSMF which often throws up some weird problems. This is one of these days.

I’m playing a few songs tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow for a music charity so spread the word a little online.

An alarm on the calendar lets me know someone’s coming to buy my old multicore – been surplus to requirements since we moved to a digital remote mixer for some live stuff.

The buyer turns up on time and all goes to plan.

In the afternoon I manage ten minutes in the studio before other tasks take priority. We also have a chat about our kitchen plans…there’s some costs we’d somehow forgotten about and the load payments are gonna be pushing things a bit. Margaret’s having second thoughts, but I think we just need to be brave and get on with it. Where there’s a will there’s a way and if we have to further cut back on spending so be it.

I do the last bit of online promo for Thursday’s Edinburgh show and, although the sluggish laptop and internet drives me mad, I’m encouraged by some extra ticket sales.

Haven’t used the Headspace meditation app for a few days and by god I need it today, so decide to nip out for a walk, some fresh air and a five minute ‘session’. Before I go, tho’, I buzz electrician David and arrange for him to pop in later.

Back from my walk I sort some merch sales data and make up a meal plan/shopping list for the coming week. I’ll get the shopping when I’m in Glasgow tomorrow for the charity thing.

After discussing the power supply project and giving David the bits and bobs I’d sourced we have a late dinner and chill for an hour or so before bed.