Guitar neck repairs after the afternoon’s ‘incident’…

WE’RE off into Glasgow first thing…I’m playing a few songs for a charity this afternoon.

I drop Margaret off and set up camp, as usual, in McDonalds and get a couple of hours work done – some more promo for Thursday’s Edinburgh show and some prep work on the community trust website and related social media, mailing lists etc.

A charity set at Buchanan Galleries for Music Broth

Next, I embark on some shopping, pick up Margaret and we head to the Buchanan Galleries where I’m playing a short set for Music Broth – a charity that’s building a musical instrument lending library.

We’ve also taken along an old guitar to donate to the cause – I do my bit then we make for home.

During my wee set, the neck of my guitar broke the heel – an old repair which I suspect was weakened when the guitar fell off it’s stand before the recent Glasgow show. It’s not a fatal break, but affects the stability of the neck and needs fixed before I can use the guitar on Thursday.

I grab a clamp, some glue and set about the repair.

Joe needs some help with his computer and email…and Betty’s invited us for dinner. before we go I need to get some work done, but the internet/broadband is down. I swap routers and modems in case it;s a hardware problem at our end, but it looks more like our broadband’s fucked. Grrrrrrr….

I run out of time to try other tests and we head along to our pals. I sort out the email problem and we enjoy some grub and a few glasses of red with our pals.