The custom power supply makes things a bit neater and simpler on my guitar effects case.

I’M not long finished breakfast when i get a message from our electrician pal David – he’s finished the power box for my guitar pedalboard.

I wander down to see him and pick it up. Looks good!  This means I only need one ‘kettle’ (IEC) lead to power both the Fractal Systems’ AX8 and the Line 6 G10 wireless system.

Back home I test the box, make a few minor adjustments then plumb it into the case.

I read and re-read the proof of the local community trust newsletter then send it off to the printer then spend some time looking at the trust website designs.

Betty drops in for a coffee and to discuss some ideas then I get some last minute promo for tomorrow (Thursday) night’s show done while the slices of pork loin are marinading in sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and agave. Margaret was going to make pinchitos with the pork, but we’ve got some choi sum (Chinese greens) that need used and if I stir fry them with ginger and garlic, they’ll go better with the more Asian style pork.

We eat a little later than usual and watch a film before bed. Edinburgh tomorrow!