WE decided to get up early and give Les a lift to the place she’s running her course on the way out of Edinburgh.

Of course, that great idea was hatched before drink and a late night so yours truly isn’t feeling too tricky when it’s time to get up.

I’m feeling more like it by the time we leave tho’…and after we drop Les off we stop for breakfast and I get some work done online then we pick up some shopping in Stirling and head home.

It’s been on my mind to add some kind of info bar to my website with a ‘Dave Arcari is an official artist of…” and logos/links to Reunion Blues, G7th Capos, Newtone Strings etc. Not in itself a difficult task, but getting it the exact way I want it is proves troublesome. I try widgets, but they’re too clunky. A full width bar is good, but I can’t get things to align the way I want. Eventually I settle for a secondary menu…that’ll do until I have some more time.

Problem is, despite deleting the ‘widgets’ to the bottom of my page, they seem to have left a big space between the bottom of my ‘content’ and the footer bar. and I can;t find the cause of it. I resort to adding some lines of code to hide the space rather than getting rid of it.

The community trust newsletters arrive and look good…we’ll take them along to Betty and Joe later. Good to have them in good time for Thursday’s meting where the trustees can each get a bundle to distribute.

I have some research to do on a local project I want to discuss with Joe over dinner later so i get that done then we wander along to our pals.

Good chat, a lovely dinner and …erm…a little too much red wine 🙂