THE bottom bar of ‘endorsees’ on the website is annoying me…I don’t like the menu version as it’s only visible as a ‘burger menu’ on mobile.

I set about creating a re-usable section/piece of code that i can add to the other pages too and am happier with the results.

It also dawns on me that the guitars & gear page on the site is now out of date. I update and add photos accordingly.

I’m not long done when it’s time to take a walk along to the village hall for the community lunch. We catch up with local pals and enjoy the chat, soup and sandwiches before wandering back home listening to a podcast about personal branding.

The kids and Les are all coming tomorrow for a birthday lunch (Catriona and Matty have birthdays close to each other) –we’ve got something  on in the morning, so Margaret tries to get a start on the prep.

The studio needs tidied and set up for me to take photos of the community trust trustees at the beginning of the week. The place is a mess, so I spend a while sorting things out and setting up so that folks aren’t hanging around for too long when they come to get their photo taken.

I’ve also a bit of research to do for some other community trust issues on the horizon.

Back int he house I make a batch of taco dough, crack open a  beer then make some pulled pork tacos with coleslaw and sides of carrot fries courtesy of the airfryer and we settle down for a relaxing evening.