One of the family snaps – Matty, Catriona and Mikey

WE’RE up at a reasonable time to meet some of our local pals for breakfast and have a quick meeting about some local community trust issues.

Lesley and the kids are coming for lunch and although she did a lot of prep yesterday, Margaret’s still got quite a lot to do before they get here. I help out with some of the stuff needing done then nip out the office to write up some stuff from the meeting earlier.

I’m still at it when Les and the boys arrive but as soon as I’m done, Matty, Mikey and I go for a wee walk.

Catriona and Will are here when we get back and we sit down and have a pre-lunch drink. Margaret’s asked me if I’d take some pix for everyone in the studio.

Back in the house we have a long, relaxed lunch and by early evening everyone;s gone their separate ways.

I get a wee bit more work done then we relax for the rest of the evening.