A SURVEYOR from the kitchen company is coming out early-ish, so we get breakfast out the way and some of the day’s tasks sorted before he arrives.

We’re now pretty much committed to the kitchen –hopefully the bank loan Margaret’s applied for will come through OK. I’ve no gigs until end of June, a big credit card bill and somehow gotta find a couple of grand in the next few weeks to kick off the via application process for the October/November USA tour. Jeez!

Nevermind, where there’s a will there’s a way.

I’m taking photos of all the local community trust trustees for a website I’m putting together. Most are scheduled for tomorrow, but I’d said to Joe we could do his this morning when he and Betty were passing. I take Joe’s pic and am happy with the result.

Back in the house, the kitchen surveyor is still measuring, checking and confirming choices with Margaret.

After lunch I get busy in the office. I want to have the trust website ready to give the trustees a preview on Thursday evening.

We have an early dinner as there’s a community council meeting at the local hall. It’s a bit of a farce, not least because the chairperson seems determined to voice her personal views on an issue put to bed and overwhelmingly voted on months ago. She insists on putting a fly in the ointment and causing trouble on issues as she has done many times before which is even more frustrating as they are almost exclusively things  that don’t remotely affect her, her family or locality.

We’re home just after 9pm and get a few things done before calling it a night.