The local community trust website is now live! Click the image to visit.

I’M just getting into finishing of the community trust website when some emails come in relating to some of my recent royalty queries – both mechanical and performance.

There’s some extra info needed and I’ve only just sent it when my pal Stuart – who looks after PRS in Scotland – calls. Easier to chat than keep swapping emails.

The main question is about my ‘missing’ French performance royalties from the last seven or eight years. There’s also a couple of TV things which have both performance and mechanical implications.

It’s lunchtime when we finish up chatting.

After we’ve eaten I get back on the website stuff – keen to get it all done and tweaked so I can present it to the trustees after their meeting tonight, There’s also some more general communications issues that need to be discussed.

Margaret – as a trustee – goes to the meeting just after 7pm..I’ll join them around 8.30pm.

On the way, I pick up some pizza then make the website live so the trustees can have a look and play around with it as I talk them through. Thankfully they all like it..then we eat pizza and drink red wine until waaaaay too late!