I MANAGE to stick to my plan, so I deal with initial tasks – like my blog and emails – before breakfast and then go straight into the studio.

There’s some other potential tasks and distractions that come up that could disrupt my intention, but I stay strong and bomb them out!

It’s fun, and I manage to get a few riffs and ideas down before my hour’s up and I go back to the house, grab a coffee and hit the office.

Just after midday we head to a national park planning hearing for a local affordable housing development, We really hope it goes through and Margaret’s speaking in support of the plans on behalf of the local community trust.

An hour or two later and…success…the plan is rubber stamped. It;s a good day 🙂

Back home and on with some work, Betty and Joe drop by for a coffee and we plan to meet them later for dinner in the local pub.