A LITTLE slower getting off the mark than I’d hoped today, and I have some urgent TV royalty stuff to sort before I can go into the studio. It’s after 10.30am when i pick up the guitar!

After getting distracted by playing a riff that turns out to be Goodnight Irene, I try to develop the instrumental part of the new song idea. It’s amazing how fast the allocated hour passes…but I need to be strict and not only get into the studio on time, but also avoid getting too bogged down. An hour a day is what I’ve put in the schedule to start with.

I nip into the house, grab a coffee and head into the office to catch up on things before lunch.

Betty’s needing some help with phone-related matters and I’ve arranged to drop in this afternoon. We get things all sorted.

Back home I remember Apple have announced a new iPad – not only is it cheaper and faster than the 2017 model, it also support Apple pencil. A game-changer…I’m glad I’ve resisted (actually, more ‘not had the money to’!) upgrading my eight-year-old bust screen iPad. I watch the section of yesterday’s Apple event  keynote to get the lowdown. 

I fire up the trial version of Ableton Live 10 and start to mesa around with beats. It’s confusing software for an old-timer like me…even though I’m very Mac-literate and know my way round ProTools, Ableton’s approach, workflow and concept is still a mystery to me.

I go through a basic tutorial again (I did it on Sunday) and end up even more flumoxed than I was first time round. I really want to get on with it and make a decision as to whether it’s something that can open up some creative possibilities or whether my ideas and hopes are just pie in the sky.

After a few hours I go back to the house and make some corn tortillas for our pulled pork tacos. I need a beer.