A LITTLE late, but I still manage into the studio after breakfast.

Having temporarily connected the studio to the router in the house via a ‘homeplug’ I check with my phone and find all should be good for a Facebook livestream. My first from the studio.

My plan is to do a couple of livestreams next week giving folks an insight into my songwriting process, so I do a quick test stream to both my page and my profile. It works!

I take the guitar ideas I’ve been working on and experiment with some timing  taking the rigid picking pattern and adding some ‘swing’ courtesy of my preferred slash and bash fingerpicking style. The thing comes to life a bit so I spend the next half hour or so getting some lyrics down.

Back in the house, it’s lunchtime after which I hit the office and tidy up the in-tray and get my accounts up to date. Not long ’til year-end and I don’t want to be faced with a disorganised mess which would only put me off doing my tax return.

In the pile of stuff is a reminder about a wee story I planned for the G63.scot website, so I get that done and spread round social media.

I decide to persevere with my Ableton experiments and find myself making slight progress with beats, loops and even manage to get some of it under control. Manipulating audio samples and stuff is still a mystery, but I;m doing better than yesterday. Once I get the basics I might try and source some help from an expert.

The whiteboard in the office is a mess…a lot of outdated and completed stuff peppered with notes and scribbles relating to upcoming projects. I clean the while thing and start aftresh then it’s time to go along to see Betty and Joe…I promised Betty I’d help her with her phone…