CATRIONA arrives just after breakfast…she and Margaret are going into Glasgow to get stuff for the forthcoming baby. Just six weeks to go!

In the office I prepare my April eNewsletter and schedule it to go out to all my lists tomorrow (Sunday) morning. With no imminent shows I announce my intention to do some behind-the-scenes songwriting Facebook livestreams from the studio, push the streaming service (Spotify and Apple Music) – read the newsletter here.

After lunch I mess with Ableton Live for a while and watch a couple of video tutorials then make a marinade for tonight’s Vietnamese beef and a batch of nuoc cham dipping sauce.

Betty drops by for a coffee and some ‘snagging’ problems with her new iPhone. We sort that out then I walk back along with her to see Joe and update a couple of computer things.

I’m not long home when Catriona and Margaret get back

We have a drink then I fire up the charcoal grill for the beef and we prepare the other accompaniment for the beef – a little rice, scallion oil, lettuce leaves for wrapping, carrot and radish. This is a bit of an experiment.

It works great though, if not a little messy to eat. We sit and chat for the rest of the evening.