Another batch of Vientamese chargrilled beef. Think I’ve nailed the flavour this time 🙂

CATRIONA leaves just after breakfast and I spend some time in the office spreading links to my eNewsletter through all the usual social media channels and groups.

When I goto bring the bins back up I notice the constant stream of cars passing and realise it’s Easter Sunday . It’s gonna be busy around here today.

I spend a little while practicing some line drawing with the Apple Pencil. An amazing thing. Must put aside some time each day to  master it and  fine-tune my graphic develop,ment efforts. Could come in handy.

Not sure what I want for lunch I dig about the freezer and find a few pots stickers left in a bag and a single pork and Chinese greens bun. They’ve been kicking around for a while and really need used or binned. I put the bun in a bamboo steamer and throw the pot stickers in the airfryer.

In the studio I refresh my memory of the new song idea and try to fit some words in. That can get developed further tomorrow.

While digging about the freezer for something for lunch earlier, I found some salt and chilli pork belly slices lurking in the bottom  drawer. Not quite enough for a meal for two, so I augment it with an old iced up piece of flank steak from the same place.

The pork belly’s best done on the grill, so I figure if I’m going to be lighting charcoal I may as well make another batch of Vietnamese char-grilled beef.

We go along the road to meet some folks who are visiting – and they;ve brought some pals who were at my Red Rooster Festival show last year. Small world. We drink too much and roll back home well after midnight. Ah well, it’s a holiday tomorrow 😉