Apple Pencil is a game-changer 🙂

I WAKE up to a dozen or so emails from a web client – she’s forwarding security notifications and worried her website’s been hacked.

I have a dig about and find it’s automatic updates to the her website’s XML sitemap which is triggering the alerts. I create an exception to avoid the notifications and send her a message telling her all’s OK snd not to worry. Still, that’s an hour of my morning gone already…but she’s a good client and I don’t want to charge her.

Margaret’s embarking on a fitness program, so I head out with her and am glad to get some fresh air for half an hour. Everywhere’s still shut for the Easter weekend so things are a little more relaxed today.

In the studio I revisit the song idea I’ve been banging around for the last week. It’s on the short side, so really needs another verse and maybe a wee instrumental bit. Think I’ll wait ’til I do a songwriting livestream and  get some feedback from folks while coming up with that…might be a useful experiment.

Dunno if it’s last night’s red wine excess or the fresh air earlier, but I’m knackered by late afternoon. Margaret takes a walk along to see Betty and I get some more practice in with the Apple pencil. Still infatuated with it! I download a vector drawing iPad app called Graphic which, especially when used with the pencil, is another amazing revelation.

Another air fryer experiment – I don’t usually do anything to the tofu (other than press it) before putting it in a green curry, but I decide to air fry it first. Comes out great texture, but overall the resulting curry is a bit salty. Think it must be the soy sauce in the marinade for the tofu on our next trip into the Chinese cash’n’carry.