WE sleep in a bit and that gets me off on the wrong footing…still a load of stuff to do before we head into Glasgow and not enough time. As usual, it’s all crucial.

The problem’s compounded by cistern problem –not sure if it’s the inlet valve, or the flush valve…or maybe both,,,that’s buggered and we have to keep the water turned off in case the overflow can;t cope with the constant water.

We’re a good 45-minutes late before we start but claw back some time and even manage to grab a quick bite of lunch before Margaret drops me at the Scottish Music Centre where Keith’s very kindly offered to help me et my head round the Ableton software.

Meantime, Margaret’s off to tie up some loose ends with the kitchen folks, order some flooring for the kitchen and see if she can get some spares to fix the cistern.

When she picks me up just after 5pm she’s managed everything but the cistern stuff. Long story.

Anyway, we need to hit B&Q for sand – I use instead of water in the smoker’s water pan – so we manage to pick up a new 1/2″ inlet valve.

Back home sometime after 7pm and I;ve a lot of food prep to do. We;ve got three American music pals coming for the night tomorrow…and a load of folks coming for dinner on Saturday.

Meantime, the water’s off which make preparing tomorrow’s (Friday) meat for the smoker a pain in the ass..In between times we’re trying to fix the cistern, but on closer inspection it seems to be the flush valve that’s fucked. We put the water back on temporarily and I’ve finally got tonight’s slat 7 pepper tofu with stir fried Asian greens on the table by quarter to eleven!

Been a bit of a fraught day, but I take solace in the fact that tonight’s tofu is a triumph…and my Ableton session was useful and inspiring.