We take Swampcandy for a couple of drams and tour round Glengoyne distillery

AFTER breakfast I accompany Margaret on the third outing of her new fitness regime. She’s doing pretty good.

When we get back I prepare the smoker and make up a big batch of Alabama white BBQ sauce. Out pals Swampcandy are stopping buy for the night on their way to Inverness for a show tomorrow (Saturday) night.

They’re arriving early afternoon so I get everything ready for the smoked pork loin…and a load of prep done for tomorrow (Saturday) night when we’ve got a  lunch of pals coming for dinner.

Ruben, Gina and Joey roll up around 1.30pm…we catch up over a coffee and a bowl of soup then Margaret drives us down to Glengoyne so our guests can do the distillery tour and have a dram or two.

We’d planned a walk up the lochside, but when we get back home it;s pissing rain…so we crack open a few beers and chill instead.

In time-honoured fashion we eat, drink and chat ’til the wee hours. Great to catch up 🙂