We go over Craigie Fort and enjoy a wander up the lochside

AFTER blethering over breakfast it’s suddenly midday and we go out for a walk – Ruben, Joey, Gina and myself head up the lochside and Margaret drops in to see Betty and Joe.

When we get back Margaret already done some prep and got the charcoal lit for the smoker. The Swampcandy folks start packing their van for their Inverness show tonight (Saturday) and I get the ribs and chicken on for our pals coming for dinner tonight.

We’re both pretty knackered, but no time to waste…Martyn, Louise, Fiona and Steven are coming at 7.30pm…and I still have to ,make some cornbread to go with the the BBQ.

All goes to plan and we have a magnificent night,…it;s well after 3.30am when we go to bed.