I come across this wee fella looking a bit lethargic…soem honey and water on a saucer perk him (or her!) up a bit…

AFTER breakfast I get  some work done then accompany Margaret on her ‘couch to 5k’ outing – day one, week two. She’s doing well.

When we get back I spend some time in the studio trying to come up with some thing to work up into a new banjo song. At the moment I only have four banjo tunes – two of which I don’t really play live anymore…so I;m keen to put together and other couple so it’s not quite as predictable when audiences see the banjo on stage.

I don’t have as much time as I’d like ‘cos I need to get over to the house for a half-hour ‘remote’ training session with Apple on streamlining photo and video work using cloud services.

I find a lethargic bumble bee in the living room…not sure what the problem is but I take him/her outside and put some honey and water down which seems to help.

It’s lunchtime when I’m done then I hit the office for the dreaded task of sorting my accounts and spreadsheets. My ‘year end’ was 5 April and although I have until January to get my tax return in (and pay my dues) I prefer to get it done now so it doesn’t hang oiver me. So many folks seem to leave it ’til the last minute and either end up having a scrabble to pay or get fined. I’m not sure whether it’s just because they (or their accountants) keep putting it off or there’s some kind of strategic benefit – whatever, I can’t understand that approach. I detest the job, but I’m keen to have everything on order and the tax return done in the next few days, That and the USA visa application process are the two horrible jobs that need to take priority at the moment.

Talking of visa applications, I get in touch with the lawyer in the USA and pay my $2390 bill (ouch!) to kick the application process off…and that’s just the start of the expense (and stress).

Margaret calls me into the house. Shitfur’s found a mouse under the kitchen units, chased it into the hall and cornered it. A cute wee field mouse  and although we don;t want to interfere with nature taking it’s course the poor wee thing deserves a chance. We try and catch it unsuccessfully before finally managing to shoo it out the front door. Shitfur, of course, gives chase but at least it;s a level playing field now. Second animal rescue (well, we hope anyway!) of the day!

I make decent progress bringing my financial spreadsheets up to date then make for the lochside for some fresh air and a walk to prevent my brain becoming totally fired. It is, after all, fter 6pm and I;ve bene pretty hard at it all day.