On Conic Hill – first phase of Martyn’s stag day.

A FEW things to get done before I head to the National Park visitor centre to meet up with everyone on Martyn’s stag day. First part is a walk over Conic Hill.

There’s nearly 30 of us and it’s grand to see everyone. Martyn asked if I would take some snaps to document the adventure so I try and get some pix as we walk and chat.

Next stop is Martyn’s house where a few of the folks not doing the walk are preparing food. There’s a few kegs of beer set up and we spend the next few hours eating, drinking and chatting until a couple of minibuses arrive to ferry us into Glasgow. The State Bar is our destination.

We have a grand night and manage to avoid any incidents – planned or otherwise – and a people carrier arrives to take the East Loch Lomond contingent home.