FEELING pretty good this morning considering I got back at 1am after an all-day stag party.

We’ve got a lot to do today – the kitchen needs cleared as much as possible for the kitchen fitters coming tomorrow. Margaret’s been chipping away at it the last few days but there’s still heaps to be sorted out.

The kitchen – and indeed house – is so small that it’s difficult for both of us to clear at the same time, so after I’ve got all the stuff from the higher up shelves and spaces Margaret takes over.

I spend the next few hours in the office sorting out the photos from yesterday’s strag adventure up and over Conic Hill.

The laptop is playing funny buggers. Really slow at opening images and letting me do even the simplest of edits. I wonder if my image library is too cumbersome so set about archiving stuff to an external drive and deleting the originals. I tend to shoot in RAW format, so I can imagine the huge files cause the processor to flake out now and then.

Like any archiving job it takes ages. And even the newly thinned out photo library makes no difference to the laptop’s sluggish  performance. Ah well, it’s not time wasted as the archiving was an imminent job anyway,

Back to editing the stag photos then I get them uploaded to Dropbox and the link shared with all the folks on the stag party WhatsApp group.

The kitchen – and entire house – is still in uproar so I keep out the way and spend some time messing with some loops and stuff in Ableton. The trial version runs out in a week or so. It’s a pain that I can’t run it in the studio where I could record some real audio clips and samples, but the old Mac over there won’t run Ableton…and if I do anything about it, I’ll be opening a huge can of worms.

It’s after 9pm and Margaret’s made a pot of bolognese – some for tonight, and some to go in the ‘outside fridge’ (we have another fridge/freezer in the merch store part of the office) for later in the week when we have no kitchen.