Kitchen progress – Monday morning…Monday afternoon…Tuesday afternoon…

WE’RE off into Glasgow first thing. First stop, McDonalds for coffee and wifi – I have an hour ’til my first meeting and may as well get some work done.

First meeting done, I go to the dump to get rid of a car-full time touring musician, singer/songwriter of cardboard then on top Rightway for a big 12kg back of restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal. A bargain at under a tenner and it’s good chunks…not the tiny fragments and dust that comes from the supermarket or garden centres.

Next, charity shop on Pollockshaws Road to drop off a box of stuff from out part-clearing of the attic then my 12.30pm meeting.

All goes good and I’m done just before 2pm. A quick dash to Tesco and Costco then I pick up Margaret, drop off a present in the centre of town and we’re home just after 4pm. Phew!

The plasterer’s been…and gone…seems there’s progress in the kitchen.

I get some work done then stick the pre-packed paella I picked up in Costco into the microwave that’s been re-located to the office and we have a picnic evening meal and an early night.