The wee camping stoves we keep in case of power cuts have come into their own this week!

THE kitchen folks are coming early, so we’re up and about in good time.

Margaret makes the porridge on a camp stove in the hall and we’re just finished breakfast when the guys arrive. Three of them today, and I manage to rope them into helping me with a heavy lift in the garden before they start back on the kitchen!

There’s a news story to be published on both the and local community trust websites and all the relevant social media posts to get done.

Next job is to check the Facebook events for the Scottish dates later in the year and get some ‘invites’ out for the Dundee and Edinburgh shows– I hold the invites to the King Tuts show in Glasgow (22 November) as I have a Glasgow show with Th’Legendary Shack Shackers at Broadcast on Monday 7 May and want that ot the way first.

In the studio I revisit the three songs I have on the go and write an additional verse for the banjo song that’s a little on the short side.

I’m back in the office when Betty drops in for a coffee then, after lunch, I deal with two reports for the PRS members’ fund and some other odds and sods.

There’s a broadband delivery group meeting at Stirling Council this evening so I make an early dinner and head of the the council chambers for an interesting – but at times frustrating – two-hour-plus meeting.

My brain’s fried by the time I get home, pour a dram and have a relatively early night.