Dinner time at Betty and Joe’s – brilliant night 🙂

MARGARET’S away early doors and I hit the shower. I’m just out when the phone rings…it’s Margaret to say the plumber’s outside waiting to get in!

The guys are making good progress with the kitchen so I make myself scarce and get on with some work in the office and tackle a couple of things round the garden.

I spend most of the afternoon on stuff for the US visa application then go for a walk up the lochside and do a couple of Facebook livestream updates, dropping into Betty’s for a coffee on the way back.

There’s some hard drive archiving to be dealt with in the studio, so I get things copying over and run throguh siome fo the new song ideas in the hope tgat; they;ll start to evolve and come togetther,

Suddenly it’s time to go back to Betty and Joe’s – we’re going for dinner along with Barbara, Thorsten, Fiona, Steven and Arthur. Betty’s put together a fantastic meal and,. of course, we all eat and drink far too much…and I have no idea what time it; is when we all wander home.