Quite a transformation – just some painting (and lots of tidying up) to do now….

I’M pretty hungover when the kitchen guys arrive…and Margaret’s busy trying to source another pack of Quick-Step flooring  as they’re one section short to finish the floor.

Getting hold of Quick-Step stuff is remarkably hard as it always seems to be out of stock and needs to be ordered which is odd for the market leader. After an hour or two of fruitless phone calls Margaret finds a pack available for collection in Stirling, reserves it and goes off to collect it.

Meantime, the guys are pretty much finished in the kitchen and it’s looking good.

I spend the afternoon catching up on some work. We’ve arranged to see Betty and Joe tonight to discus some bits and bobs, but I suddenly remember it’s Drymen Art Club’s exhibition preview at 7pm – I’d promised to go along and do a piece for the G63.scot webzine.

I grab a camera and race to Drymen to get some pix and some info. 

Back home i sort the images and get a piece ready for publication in the morning – hopefully it’ll help generate some interest in this weekend’s exhibition and the art club’s activities in general.

After the rush, it’s nice to enjoy a glass or two of red with Betty and Joe and discuss some ideas that might benefit the local community trust.

Some of the artists with work on show at Drymen Art Club’s exhibition this weekend.