And they’re off…Balfron 10k runners brave the rain.

THE alarm goes off at 8am. WTF? It’s Sunday! 

Then I remember setting it last night after seeing a late night email reminding me that it’s the Balfron 10k road race today. I usually go along and take some pix for a wee photo feature on the website.

While there’s no obligation, I enjoy the event. 

It’s already raining when I leave home with a good hour-and-a-half before the 11am start. Parking can be a njghtmare and I don’t want to have to walk miles in the rain,

I catch up with a few folks and have a coffee before catching some snaps of the start then there’s a good half hour before the front runners get back to the finish line. more coffee and chat.

The rain eases slightly as the first runners come in but it still hard getting focus – I don’t have a lens hood and the raindrops on the lens make focussing and getting clear shots almost impossible.

When I get home, Margaret’s busy cleaning the hall and making a start on the post-kitchen fitting tidy up. Best i keep out the way, so I start going through the photographs from this morning and get tonight’s bacon-wrapped pork loin on the smoker.

I have the photo gallery sorted and ready to go as soon as I get the news release and images from the 10k organisiers (probably tomorrow) and the pork is ready to come off the smoker and wrap in a ‘faux cambo’ (ie: wrapped in two layers of tin foil and a bath towel and put to rest in a cool box) for an hour or two before dinner.

Indoors I help Margaret with some of the tidying, we eat, watch some telly and have an early night.