AFTER breakfast and a little work I accompany Margaret on her ‘couch to 5k’ training run..she’s had trouble with her knees for the last week or two and although they;re still sore, she’s keep to get moving and so eases herself back into the routine. In the rain.

Back home she starts going through all the decanted kitchen stuff to decide what’s going back in the nice new kitchen and what’s going in the bin…or put aside foir the charity shop. There’s a lot!

In the studio I run through the three new songs which are slowly taking shape. I put together a drum track on the iPad which I think might help tighten up the arrangement for the banjo song. It;s pretty basic, but a start.

I have copy to write for an information flyer for the local community trust. Not in itself a huge task, but I need to arm myself with the facts and plan the best way/s of getting the information out. Once done, I email the proposed words roudn the trustees for approval/comment.

A mentoring referral comes in from the Music Plus programme, so I fire off an email to the participant offering to meet them for a session in Glasgow next week.

Betty and Barbara pop in for a coffee so we take a break for a chat, then I get on with some online gig listings and other promo…including my Spotify ‘strategy for growth’. Not so much a strategy – more a remember to plug it kinda thing! 

There’s a whole load of content come by email and via snail mail for updates to a couple of website for one of my music web clients. The video – on disc – is in a non-Mac (or web!) friendly format so i have to hunt round for an app that will convert it to a useable .mov or .mp4 file