I WATCH some Garageband tutorials while eating breakfast…keen to build some stuff around the new songs I’m working on.

In the studio I carry on with the new songs then do a half-hour Facebook livestream about the progress.

I’m not long done when Betty and Joe drop by for a quick coffee then I hit the office for a bit before making a big pot of black bean soup for lunch…I use the food processor for the first time in 15 years, mainly because it’s now accessible in our new kitchen. It makes short work of chopping the onions, celery, carrots and green peppers. What have I been missing all these years it;s lived at the back of a cupboard!

Back in the office I make a start on some website updates for a music-related web client. After a few hours the sun;s out, so I go for a wee walk and listen to a couple fo inspirational podcasts form Recording Revolution.

I’m back just as it’s time to along to Betty and Joe’s…we’ve been invited, along with another neighbour, for dinner. Another great night at Passfoot 🙂