I manage to knock up a wooden netting frame for the blueberry bushes…a bit rustic, but it’ll do the job 🙂

SUN’S shining and it’s lovely outside…but we have heaps to do.

To add to the task list I suggest we pick up a load of wood form the forestry folks in Aberfoyle…but when I call, the person I normally speak to is off and the person I’m speaking to informs me I’m not ‘on the list’ so can’t pick up any wood. She’ll get someone to call me on Monday. Odd that after all the emails and phone conversations this ‘list’ has never been mentioned.

Nevermind, there’s no great hurry for the wood and we’ve got enough on our plate today anyway.

Margaret’s busy trying to reinstate all the kitchen stuff. We’ve thrown out tons of odds and ends but still struggling to find space for everything. God knows how it all fitted before!

Betty and Joe drop in for a coffee and I take a quick break then have to go back to the office and get some web stuff done in time for a client’s news going out in half an hour.

Once done I set about fixing the front gate. It’s normally left wide open – mainly because the hinges have fallen and it needs lifted into place, but the deer have been coming into the front garden and eating all the plants. The gate’s falling apart, but I manage to attach a castor wheel to a block of wood and fix it to the gate. A little rustic, but it’ll do the job meantime and the gate now opens and closes easily 🙂

I find  a bag of pulled pork in the freezer and defrost it in the microwave while steaming a couple of bao buns then assemble the lot with some little gem lettuce and hoisin sauce and eat ’em out in the garden. This improvised recipe results in the best bao buns I’ve made!

There’s a bunch of wood kicking about behind the house and seeing the drill, impact driver, saw and various other tools are out the shed, I decide to use it up and build a netting frame to protect the blueberry bushes – the deer want to eat the fresh buds and leaves and the birds will demolish the fruit when it appears.

The result is another rustic effort, but it looks like it’ll work just fine…certainly an improvement over the improvised garden cane structures of past years.

There’s some more web stuff to be done and Margaret;s still busy sorting kitchen stuff, so we can;t make dinner for another hour or two. I finish them webstuff, head indoors and we relax and eat.