I NIP to the shop to get milk and rolls and we all have breakfast and blether over a few coffees.

Will heads off on his bike around 11am – he’s meeting some other Harley owners for a run up the west coast – and Catriona hangs out with us ’til mid-afternoon.

Meantime I do some online fact-finding on the GDPOR data protection regulations. I’m getting a bit obsessed by it and stressing about the loss of folks off my mailing lists.

I manage to establish that I won’t need to register with the ICO (Information Commission Office) as I’m “only processing personal data for the core business purposes”. While the £35 annual fee wouldn’t exactly break the bank, it;s the principle that annoys me.

Next step will be trying to put together a privacy policy and bring all my online mail list sign up forms into line with the new regulations. Not sure how we’ll deal with folks signing up at live shows or the existing folks on my mail lists…one step at a time.

There’s some frozen chilli in the freezer…while it;s defrosting I make some corn tortillas and we enjoy tacos for dinner before nipping along to Betty and Joe’s to help with some email stuff…and an obligatory glass or two of red…