I come across this rather unusual bench in the Botanic Gardens….

WE’RE both in Glasgow today and leave early.

My meeting – with a Music Plus participant I’m mentoring – isn’t ’til later so I drop Margaret off and spend the morning working out of McDonalds with coffee and free wifi. The GDPR data protection thing is still over-ruling everything else on my to-do list.

After a quick walk round the Botanic Gardens I hit Costco for some shopping. I’m planning a chicken sandwich for lunch but, as is ore often or not the case these days, the queue for food is a mile long and hardly moving. For a few weeks I thought they were maybe short-staffed, but watching the operation more closely reveals that the severs are just pretty damn useless. I pass and decide to pick something up at the next shopping stop – Tesco across the road.

I pick up Margaret and we return some surplus paint and PVA to B&Q, grab a coffee then I’m dropped at Glasgow Music Studios.

I get all set up ready for my student…who doesn’t show. I text, then call him..then let Music Plus HQ know about the debacle before meeting Margaret and heading back up the road.

After dinner we relax a while then head for bed where an email check throws up a message form my visa petition lawyers in New York asking how I’m getting on gathering my supporting documentation etc. It was sent a week ago and followed up on Friday with another email as I hadn’t heard from them. Looks like a valuable week has been lost…grrrr….