MORE GDPR stuff to get out the way this morning then I hit the studio for an hour or so.

There’s been no live shows for a while and I realise I’d better run through some of my existing songs, not least because there’s a show at Broadcast in Glasgow on Monday (7 May).

So first job when I get back to the office is making up a set list . I’ll get back to the studio later to run through it.

I have some paperwork to do for various things I’ve been busy with and a couple of invoices to go out then it’s time to make lunch.

A Skype call to the law firm in New York reveals that all the emails and paperwork to support my visa petition has been sitting in their spam folder for a (valuable!) week. Ahh well, at least they have it now.

I’m not long running through Monday;s set list when Margaret comes home. We’re off to Catriona and Will’s for dinner  but first I go out with Margaret on her ‘couch to 5k’ walk/run…we’re back to basics following her sore knee, but she does good and the knee doesn’t seem to be causing too much fo a problem.

We have a lovely meal with Catriona and Will and hope soon after 11pm, Ready for bed.