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MAILING list re-engagement and GDPR – the new European Union data protection regulations coming on 25 May – is priority again today.

First job is to take a couple of selfies in the studio to use on a landing page explaining to website visitors the need to re-sign (or sign up if they haven’t already!) up to my mailing list…and give them the opportunity to ‘do it now’.

Some other stuff to be done before lunch – then I want to do a couple of Facebook Livestreams to help spread the GDPR info. There’s a couple fo deliveries scheduled for the next hour or two and I don’t want them arriving mid-Livestream so I get busy making a big pot of bolognese and prepare some beef short ribs for a smoker experiment tomorrow.

The deliveries arrive and I get the livestreams done from the office – they go well and look and sound fine…other than an incoming phone call halfway through a song on one of the streams.

I have a bit of work on community broadband stuff for a meeting later tonight…and Catriona calls to say she’s going into hospital tomorrow (Friday) to ‘be induced’. There’ll likely be a new baby by the end of the weekend!!!

We hurriedly eat dinner then head off to the local community trust meeting – I’m not a trustee (Margaret is), but I’m involved in the group’s communications and have fibre broadband and GDPR things for the agenda…