Margaret with wee Freya – not even 12 hours old 🙂

WE wake up at 7am to a text from Will – wee Freya Olivia was born at 12.45am and everyone’s fine 🙂

My blog will have to wait ’til later – not only are we keen to get to see Freya, but the web servers for all my sites are down. The hosting company is aware of the problem and working on a fix.

As soon as we’re finished breakfast we make our way to the hospital near Larbert, stopping at Sainsbury’s to pick up some baby clothes. She’s a little smaller than expected and the pre-bought clothes will likely swamp her for a week or two.

We spend a few hours with Catriona, Will and the baby then make our way home, picking up some dd bits of shopping along the way

Back home, the web servers are back up and running (since 10am), so I post my blog then I spend a while going through the naps I took at the hospital and sending them off to Catriona and Will.

Margaret gets the dinner started then I accompany her on today’s ‘couch to 5k’ outing  – a little later than planned, but she does well and still seems pretty determined.