Red squirrels are back – haven’t seen these guys in a while…

MAYBE I overdid the whisky a little last night.

Nevermind, I get myself up and about – first priority is firing up the smoker for another attempt at beef short ribs. Betty and Joe are my guinea pigs tonight.

While the coals get up to temperature I make a rub with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion granules. The heat’s stable at 225 degrees and the short ribs are on by 11.30am. So, assuming an eight-hour cook, should be ready by 7.30pm…and rested, ready to eat by 8.30pm.

I get the guitars and stuff back to the studio then go through some visa stuff that’s come in from the USA. Some stuff needing tightened up a  bit..I fire off an itinerary and make a note to call them tomorrow,

The smoker’s staying really stable and apart from occasional temperature spikes when one of the oak chunks catches it’s all looking good.

I have a couple of things to do for the webzine and while working on them I notice a couple of red squirrels scampering around. They’re pretty flighty but I manage to grab a quick snap of one of them with my phone.

The sun’s come out and Margaret’s going on a ‘couch to 5k’. I need some fresh air so go out with her for the 1/2-hour session. She’s doing very well.

Betty and Joe roll up just before 8pm. The short ribs are six or seven degrees below my target internal temperature, but I take them off and wrap them to rest for a while and crack open a beer.

Come dinner time, the meat is pretty good…my theories on why it didn’t work well the other day are proven right. I reckon I’m 90% there with ’em. Next time they’ll be spot on.