AFTER breakfast I mess, once again, with the new banjo song. I’;ve got some ideas that might make doing something with this a priority over the next week or so.

Mid-morning I nip along to see Betty and Joe to help sort out a switch in broadband provider. We get everything sorted out and have a blether over a coffee before I make my way back home in time for lunch.

Then it’s back onto the GDPR stuff. I wanna strike all the folks who have subscribed to the new ‘consented’ mailing list off the existing lists so they’re not bombarded with ‘please stay with us’ emails when they’ve already responded and done so positively. It’s quite an interesting process to see who’s wanting to stay on board – and those who’re sadly no longer interested,

On the face of it – looking at figures and stuff – it’s all a bit scary, but it certainly will allow me to focus my efforts on those that are really interested rather than those who are just paying lip service to our efforts.

I’m also glad I got on the case with this a couple of weeks ago as it means I can maximise my compliance efforts – a lot of folks only seem to be cottoning on to the extent and implications of the GDPR regulations now…some of whom clearly indicated that I was over-reacting when i brought it up a few weeks ago.

In between times I call the lawyer in New York to nudge things along…seems they’re not around so I leave a voice mail to ensure they know I’ve sent some emails.

Back on the mail lists until it’s time to visit Catriona, Will and Freya..they’ve kindly invited us for dinner and it’ll be nice to see the baby.

We have a grand night and don’t stay too late as Catriona’s needing a nap and both Margaret and I have a ton of stuff to get done before we can even think about bed.