AFTER breakfast I mess with the new banjo song – maybe try and record a demo later as it needs to evolve…my daily performance of it is going round and round in circles – rather like switching the light off and on expecting it to look different. I actually need to change things for it to evolve.

In the office I trawl through my mail lists, removing the folks that have already signed up to the new GDPR-friendly, consented list – the last thing I wanna do is scunner folks who’ve already re-signed up with more emails!

It’s boring and time-consuming, but important.

After lunch the time difference between home and New York means I can call the folks dealing with my US visa petition. Thing are going a bit slow for my liking. I gathered all my contracts and stuff months ago to be ahead of the game and have some breathing space in case some extra documentation is required…not so the lawyers can sit on it ’til the last minute. I responded to their email on Tuesday and had no reply or acknowledgement, so followed up with a phone call and left a voicemail on Wednesday and now,again, today. The weeks – and time – are slipping away.

There’s a last-minute story for the webzine to be posted and spread around, but I need some more details from the organisers which takes a couple of phone calls and a bit of unnecessary messing around.

Betty drops in for a coffee and we sort out her phone case and screen protector then I get into the studio to make a demo of the banjo song. Clearly needs some work as I feel I’m just ‘singing the chord’ rather than creating a vocal top line. Margaret thinks it all sounds a bit aggressive and I need to relax the performance a little. I think that’s down to me searching for a top line as I’m singing.

It was meant to be a nice clear day but, after uncovering the woodpile to let it breath and dry out – and hanging out the washing – its done nothing but rain! By early evening, though, the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining so I head out for a walk.

When I get back I should really be preparing dinner but i spend half0an-hour chopping some wood and stacking it in the shed. I’ll do a little every day or so to avoid aggravating the damage I seem to have done to my left hand with last week’s over-zealous wood splitting.