MY PAL Rab has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his next album – so there’s a bunch of stuff to be done on his website to support and promote it.

Once done I spend a little time in the studio working on the new banjo song trying out different tempos and dynamics.

Time’s moving on and the EU GDPR deadline is fast approaching. I get some ‘please update your info and consent to being on our email list’ stuff out to the local community trust email list and make some website updates. I need to write and post privacy policies for both the trust and my own websites but that, and the e-commerce/store-related work can wait another week or so as there me be some developments that come along and take some of the weight off that job,

I set up and schedule another round of re-engagement emails for my own email lists to go out automatically first thing in the morning.

I’d promised Martyn I’d make some time to help out on-site for tomorrow’s wedding so take a walk along the road and join the folks. I help out with a marquee build, shift some stuff, sort out a PA and some lighting then we transport a bunch of stuff from their house to the wedding site.

When I get back home I accompany Margaret on her ‘couch to 5k’ training walk/run in the rain then we start preparing dinner. Matty’s coming to stay tonight as he;s doing the Ben Lomond hill race tomorrow.

We chat in the kitchen while I make corn tortillas for the chilli tacos then eat, drink and chat a while before having an early (ie: before midnight!) night…