Perfect site – and weather – for Martyn and Louise’s wedding…

WE all have breakfast then Margaret heads into town to get her hair put up for Martyn and Louise’s wedding this afternoon.

Matty and I chat for while then he gets ready for the Ben Lomond hill race and gets the shuttle bus from the car park. 

I get on with chopping some wood until a text from Martyn’s pal Noel asks if I’m around – his wife, Ursula, has kicked him out the hotel room while she gets ready for the wedding. He comes up for a coffee and we sit the garden and blether for a while before he goes back to the hotel.

When Margaret gets back we have some lunch, get showered and ready then jump on the shuttle bus to the wedding site a mile or so along the road.

The sun’s shining and it’s a glorious day. The wedding site overlooking the loch and boundaried on one side by the majesty of Conic Hill is perfect.

There’s lots of local pals and a big bunch of other folks we know and we have a wonderful day finally getting hiome sometime after 1am.