Freya – one week old!

WE have a bit of a long lie then enjoy breakfast outside in the sun.

Catriona and Will have asked me to take some photos of Freya and are coming later. Meantime, I chop some wood and tidy up a little.

When they arrive we sit int he sun and I spend an hour or so taking photos, one of which will be chosen for thank you cards.

We take a walk and have an ice cream then wander along to introduce Freya to Betty and Joe.

Catriona, Will and Freya head off just after 5pm and I do a couple of Facebook livestreams from the garden – one to my Facebook page and the other to my personal profile.

We’re going back to Betty and Joe’s later on to help with some form-filling so I get the kamado fired up to grill the Vietnamese beef I’ve had marinading in the fridge for a few hours. The ‘looftlighter’ has the charcoal going in seconds.

We’ve not used the kamado for grilling yet but it works a treat. The meat is beautifully seared and possibly the best batch I’ve done of this style of meat.

In the studio I quickly select a few i,ages of Freya from this afternoon and send them to Catriona and Will to select the ones they like then we make our way to Betty and Joe’s. It’s midnight when we get home!