THE first day in a while we’ve got to get some gig/tour planning done – Margaret needs to book some shows and the live calendar is a bit sparse, especially for later in the year.

We get an early start but right after breakfast Margaret gets embroiled in some work on a local project.

In the office, I’m busy with some last minute urgent visa petition stuff then get on with some data protection – the dreaded GDPR again – for the community trust website and mail list.

Margaret’s stressed at the amount of unplanned  stuff she’s involved in – and I probably don’t help matters by getting angry about her priorities and lack of progress on keeping our own business afloat.

The kitchen fitter arrives to fix the tap – it’s worked itself loose in just a few weeks. It’s a top end, expensive tap..and a top end work surface, so shouldn’t be happening. The fitter has to remove the plumbing and a shelve for access and is grumpy that a seemingly five-minute job is taking nearly an hour, but the plumbing arrangement and loose tap is not a result of anything from our end!

They day’s not going too well.

I take a walk to my favourite spot on the lochside and work on lyrics for the new banjo song..they really just need tightened up a bit and, the difficult bit for me, committed to memory.

There’s also a bunch of emails needing attention which I deal with before walking home and keeping abreast of data protection stuff via a podast along the way.

I’m almost home when an important call comes in – it’s a well intentioned call with some good news, but its a quick fix and not tackling the problem in hand.

We have an early dinner so we can go to a community council meeting and then enjoy a few drinks and a chat in the pub with our pals.